Safe Water Project


  1. To conduct baseline survey and data collection for need assessment and planning;
  2. To develop a computer software for monitoring and billing of the water uses charges;
  3. To drill a heavy bore well to meet day today need of the safe water usages for the community, lamas, monastery and the institutes;
  4. To construct water tank for reservoir and smooth supply of the safe water;
  5. To installation water meter for usage calculation and avoiding misuse of water;
  6. To form development committee for post project management and carry on developmental activities of the area;


Village: Tashi Jong    Post office: Taragarh    Tehshi: Baijnath     District: Kangra  State: Himachal Pradesh     Country: India     Pin: 176081

Tashi Jong is an intimate portrayal of life in one of the first Tibetan refugee communities established in India for the preservation of Tibet’s ancient culture, sacred arts, and Buddhist teachings.  There lies unbroken faith, devotion, and courage of the Tibetan people as they preserve their endangered heritage as a living reality in exile.

Nowadays Tashi Jong includes:

  • A monastery of around 250 monks.
  • A lay community of about 650 people.
  • A group of highly realized yogis called Tokdens. In Tibet the Tokdens lived in retreat centres or in caves. In Tashi Jong there is a retreat centre with all the facilities needed for extended periods of seclusion. Although they are fully ordained monks, the Tokdens display the matted hair and white robes of Milarepa’s traditional attire. At present, there are around thirteen retreatants, who have been practicing for many years, and who have not set a definite conclusion date as yet.
  • Other monks at Khampagar are studying Buddhist philosophy and training in ritual activities and practicing different tantric rituals. Annually they perform ritual dances called Cham, generally known as ‘lama dances’.


  • 83 Tibetan refugee families having population of approx 650 people
  • 35 Adult lamas, Tokdens & Gurujis (all male)
  • HH the 9th Khemrtul Rinpoche
  • 250 young lama (Boys) students studying Buddhism in the institute


  • One successful bore well of 8 inches diameter upto 370 feet down.
  • Availability of good and quality source of underground water;
  • Increased water  storage capacity viz., 90000 litre to meet the basic need of entire Tashi Jong village.
  • Safe water supply to 83 Tibetan Refugee families; 4 restaurants, 2 guest houses and 1 office.
  • Safe water supply to monks & Lama living in Khampagar Monastery, Tashi Jong;
  • Safe water supply to about 250 lamas studying in Khampagar Druk College, Tashi Jong;
  • A comprehensive computer software for managing water project;
  • Establishment of perfect water supply system for all people of Tashi Jong
  • Initiation of system to conserve and water recharge at Tashi Jong
  • Opening of one bank accounting the name of the committee formed for water users contribution deposits and its financial management,
  • Smart functioning of Development Committee formed for maintenance & future development of Tashi Jong.

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