Jumav Manch Project

Addressing Domestic Violence against Women in Jharkhand


  • Law enforcement, criminal justice systems, health institutions and administration in the operation areas respond more quickly and effectively to cases of gender based violence;
  • Support services, i.e., free legal aid, helplines, health faclities, socio-economic rehabilitation, etc are improved and improved and institutionalsed;
  • Community justice system offers justice to women victims and survivors of violence without prejudice and bias; and
  • Collaboration between service providers and various sectors are institutionalised.


  • Awareness Generation for creating an enabling environment through organizing events on special occasions;
  • Strengthening Community Redressal for preventing and presponding to domestic violence;
  • Networking and Alliance Building through zonal and state level coordination meetings;
  • Advocacy and Lobbying with media, department of health, WCD, police and judiciary; and
  • Capacity Building on Rights-based Advocacy and Documentation and Report-Writing skills.

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