PACHA – Tribal Traditional Practice

In the ancient times, when a person requires a number of persons to do some particular piece of work such as roofing his house or doing some work on his field or embarkments, he applies to the headman (Dhangar – Mahato) of the young bachalors of the villages. A price, generally in cash is settled for the job. This tradition was very common among Oroan tribes. But now-a-days there are groups of men and/or women who perform the work and are paid. The price is generally very less than actual cost if being done on the basis of mandays. The group collects the money and is kept by the head person. The money is used to build assets of the group or giving loan within the group or some time distribute among themselves. This is called Pacha. Thus the pacha is the cheapest way of performing hard works in the tribal area. Pacha is different with Madait as money is not envolved in Madait. Both are the kind of helping the needy person for the similar works. Madait is common in Munda tribes.

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