Support for Sustainable Society (Saptrishi) is a credible organisation in Jharkhand state of India. It has its grassroot activities as well as support activities. The organisation started its developmental activities in 1993. The organisation is registered under Indian Trust Act 1880. The Trust is supported by foreign and state funding, people’s contribution, donation and support from individuals. Staffs are qualified, experienced and committed to developmental activities. The major areas of intervention are Formal Education, Resource mobilisation & support, Environment  & development, Women Empowerment, Panchayati Raj, Livelihood promotion, Capacity Building, Agriculture Extension, Animal Husbandry, Herbal gardening, Health & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation of project and networking, lobbying & advocacy on issues related to the development.


We visualize a just and democratic society, free from ignorance, hunger, fear and exploitation where poor and marginalized has equal opportunity and rightful share of resources, information and development process.


To achieve empowered poor and marginalized, with revived & strengthened tribal values and systems, having strong organizations, effectively bargaining for their rights, resisting exploitation and deprivation, and working for their sustainable development”


  1. To act as a Grass root Development Organisation:
    • for strengthening and empowerment of local institutions, and
    • their capacity building for sustainable livelihood pattern, planning and implementation of their developmental action.
  2. To act as a facilitator for:
    • Provide information, experience and facilities sharing for institutional building of grass root organisations;
    • Involve in research, networking, lobbying and advocacy of issues affecting the livelihood, culture, life style and environment of the local community.

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